Are you stress eating?

The past few weeks have been quite a change for all of us.  Life has changed completely as many of us are in directed or self-imposed lockdown. View Post

Coronocation - maintaining a sense of normality during COVID19 pandemic

We’re facing the uncertainty and concern of coronavirus.  Many of us have been at home with the kids for weeks and may be home for the coming weeks. View Post

Secret for weight loss

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Bad advice can KILL you!!

Would you take your car to a Heart Surgeon for repairs? Would you go to the barber with a sore foot? View Post

Apple Cider Vinegar CHALLENGE!!! First of its kind.

Hello and welcome to weight loss with Dr. Nat. This is an Apple cider vinegar challenge. Wait I am not challenging you to drink apple cider vinegar. I am going to clear 10 lies about ACV being provided on YouTube and I challenge the people presenting this information or anybody supporting them o... View Post

Apple cider vinegar weight loss - THE TRUTH. Weight Loss with Dr Nat MD

Is Apple cider vinegar the new Health Mantra?

Learn the truth about Apple Cider Vinegar and weight loss!

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I have lost it! Week 2. How to lose weight? Weight loss with Dr. Nat MD.

I lost around 50 pounds and maintained it for 2 years. Then I came up with a crazy idea to gain weight and lose it with everybody on YouTube. I have already lost 10.4 pounds. This is not an all or non-diet. Make whatever change you can, any change is better than no change. I want to lose more, let’s do it together. View Post

I have lost it! Week 1. How to lose weight? Weight loss with Dr. Nat MD.

How to lose weight - losing weight is not about finding a quick fix -- it's about finding a lifestyle and the habits that will work best for you you'll be amazed at how quickly. It is also about making it more convenient so that it can work with today’s busy life. Let’s face it, who has the time. View Post