Nutritionally designed bars and shakes that are delicious, low in calories, high in protein!


  • "I'm a working mom with an active teenage boy. I'd be missing meals or going through fast food drive thru. The shakes & bars help me obtain the right nutrients, taste great & fill me up. The bars are great on the go between meetings when I don't have time for lunch, need a healthy snack AND for my son after school before practice or games. They are delicious & healthy. I feel good eating them & serving them to my son."
    - M McKnight
  • "Part of my weight loss journey has included a surprise side benefit. I have had persistent acne since my teens. It has been a HUGE source of frustration and poor self-image for me. And let me tell you, I have spent a FORTUNE on every cure imaginable! A few weeks into using MyNeatNutrition, I started to notice that I didn't have as many new pimples as I usually do, and a few weeks after that, I noticed the ones I did have started to clear up. And it has stayed consistent! Here are my before (first 3) and after (last 3) photos. No filter, no touch ups. I was not expecting my weight loss supplements to affect my skin at all, but apparently when I put good things into my body, I really do get good things out of it! ❤"
    - J Gerner
  • "I was exhausted from trying to lose weight. Over a period of 2 1/2 years I had gained 30 pounds. I frantically started working out 3-4 times a week and followed a strict diet. I still gained weight. Then my friends introduced me to neat nutrition. Over a 2 month period, I lost 15 pounds. This program has not only helped me with weight loss but also makes my lifestyle healthier. My food cravings are reduced and I have more energy."
    - P Mishra
  • "My name is Griselda and I am a 30 year old woman. I work in the medical field and my goal has always been, trying to stay healthy but once you hit certain age it is very difficult to loose weight, when my primary Doctor, Dr.Nat talked to me about this product, I wanted to give it a try not only because I wanted to loose weight and be healthy, but in my new job we have a wellness program. One of the requirements for this program was to be on a BMI of less than 30 and if we were able to pass this, we get discounts on insurance. Not only was I losing weight, but I was saving some money. Thanks to my neat nutrition I met my goals and will try to keep it that way."
    - G Galvan
  • "I would highly recommend this Neat nutritional supplement to anyone, who's looking to loose weight. I only take 1 serving a day and usually dissolve it in recommended liquid to powder ratio that they have listed on the packet. It creates a pretty smooth consistency and doesn't taste chalky. I have tried mocha and chocolate mint flavors. They both tastes great! It doesn't make me bloated and It helps me in regulating my digestive system as well. Now, I am not tired in late afternoon and always have energy that keeps me going. I have tried other expensive protein powders from GNC but this one wins by far as it has all the necessary nutrients in one well balanced formula."
    - G Padda
  • "I was in search of a lifestyle change when I was introduced to Neat Nutrition. I am a 54 year old female trying to reverse and slow down the aging process that goes along with being a female. With the guidance of my primary care physician and Neat Nutrition I have been able to create a lifestyle of healthy eating and confidence that I can maintain the changes. Currently down 21 pounds and counting, I feel 100% better with more energy and clear focus in my daily life. Neat Nutrition is my answer to making these changes. The process is easy, it helped me to remove all the poor eating habits that I had and has created a much healthier lifestyle for me and my family. "
    - L DeAngelo